• What is TATTOO?
    "Tattoo" means to insert pigment under the surface of the skin of a person, by pricking with a needle or otherwise, so as to produce an indelible mark or figure through the skin.
    Tattoo is a kind of way which helps people to Express and describe themselves. It’s also known as body arts. There’s no doubt that, the description of those words are not enough to understand this well known trend.
    Many years ago tattoo has been used in primitive society to describe the status of people. It states the fears, desires and beliefs. Tattoo has been borned from the necessity. It’s also a kind of communication.
    In neolithic era’s, Tattoo used for to terrify the animals and symbolized the power of the leaders in tribes.
    In the first ages, After invention of writing, Tattoo designated the social life. It states the; ranks, slaves, hopes, singles and braveness.
    Turks are the one of the oldest tribes in history. Since the beginning turks carried the tattoo models in their bodies with a power of proud.
    Before Islam, Turks were believe in Shamanhism. (a branch of budism)
    Turks thought that tattoo is the way to alienate the bad luck and spirits. Tattoo’s also helps to beg god instantly and silenty from deep. So that’s why they adopted this body art as indispensable culture.
    Meanwhile, Chinise people were using advanced technics to make tattoos. Because of the wars and political engagements with china, Turks learned those special methods from chinise experts during relationships.